Button Battery Safety for Parents and Caregivers

Did you know…

  • Each year in the U.S., more than 2,800 kids are treated in emergency rooms after swallowing button batteries? That's one child every three hours.
  • The number of serious injuries or deaths as a result of button batteries has increased nine-fold in the last decade?

Use these tips to ensure that you and the children in your care are safe while in your home:

  • Keep coin lithium battery-controlled devices out of sight and reach of children. These include remote controls, singing greeting cards, digital scales, watches, hearing aids, thermometers, children's toys, calculators, key fobs, t-light candles, flashing holiday jewelry or decorations all contain button batteries.
  • Keep loose batteries locked away, or place a piece of duct tape over the controller to prevent small children from accessing the battery.
  • Share this life-saving information with caregivers, friends, family members and sitters. It only takes a minute and it could save a life.
  • If you suspect your child has ingested a battery, go to the hospital immediately. Don't induce vomiting or have your child eat or drink anything until assessed by a medical professional.
  • Enter the National Battery Ingestion Hotline (1-800-498-8666) into your phone right now. Call anytime for additional treatment information

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