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Medicare Supplement Premium Comparison Database

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(Age: 65, Gender: Male, Plan: Plan A, Use Tobacco: No)

The following list is grouped by Issued Age Policies and Attained Age Policies and ordered by premiums in ascending order within each category. Click on the company name to view the details of the plan offered by that company. Click on the Monthly Premium column to sort the companies in ascending order by monthly premium. Click on the Monthly or Annual Premium column a second time to sort the companies in descending order.

This site includes statistical information on companies selling Medicare Supplement insurance policies in our state. This information is not intended as an endorsement from DOI for any particular company or policy.


Attained Age Policies
 Company NameMonthly PremiumAnnual Premium
 Aetna Health Insurance Company$98.00$1,178.00
 New Era Life Insurance Company of the Midwest$103.31$1,239.72
 USAA Life Insurance Company$103.83$1,245.92
 Accendo Insurance Company$109.71$1,317.00
 The Capitol Life Insurance Company$111.19$1,334.27
 Elips Life Insurance Company$113.25$1,359.00
 Heartland National Life Insurance Company$113.65$1,364.33
 Independence American Insurance Company $114.56$1,374.71
 American Financial Security Life Insurance$114.86$1,378.29
 Lumico Life Insurance Company$116.54$1,398.43
 United States Fire Insurance Company$116.91$1,402.96
 Union Security Insurance Company$118.03$1,416.94
 Royal Arcanum, An International Fraternity$119.22$1,430.70
 Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina$120.25$1,443.00
 Nassau Life Insurance Company of Kansas$123.48$1,481.75
 Pekin Life Insurance Company$123.48$1,481.78
 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company$125.55$1,477.00
 Southern Guaranty Insurance Company$126.08$1,512.99
 National Health Insurance Company$127.15$1,525.75
 Assured Life Association$127.99$1,535.83
 Erie Family Life Insurance Company$129.38$1,552.56
 First Health Life & Health Insurance Company$131.61$1,580.00
 Aetna Life Insurance Company$131.83$1,582.00
 Atlantic Coast Life Insurance Company$131.94$1,583.33
 Central States Health & Life Company of Omaha$132.00$1,588.00
 Pan-American Life Insurance Company$133.55$1,602.64
 Great Southern Life Insurance Company$134.41$1,612.91
 GPM Health and Life Insurance Company$134.42$1,612.98
 SBLI USA Life Insurance Company, Inc.$134.84$1,618.11
 CIGNA National Health Insurance Company$137.39$1,648.70
 Medico Corp Life Insurance Company$141.72$1,707.42
 National Guardian Life Insurance Company$143.84$1,726.14
 Everest Reinsurance Company$147.00$1,759.00
 Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company$148.50$1,782.77
 Combined Insurance Company of America$148.50$1,782.72
 Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company$148.73$1,784.87
 United American Insurance Company$150.00$1,800.00
 CompBenefits Insurance Company$151.84$1,822.08
 Humana Insurance Company$151.84$1,798.06
 Medico Life and Health Insurance Company$152.16$1,672.09
 Shenandoah Life Insurance Company$154.53$1,854.35
 Omaha Insurance Company$158.71$1,904.46
 Standard Life and Casualty Insurance Company$175.69$2,108.25
 Constitution Life Insurance Company$185.00$2,223.00
 Oxford Life Insurance Company$185.76$2,159.98
 State Mutual Insurance Company$190.61$2,287.32
 American Retirement Life Insurance Company$194.40$2,333.70
 Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company$194.62$2,335.43
 Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company$199.08$2,388.91
 Order of United Commercial Travelers of America$227.43$2,729.27
 Reserve National Insurance Company$248.85$2,747.30
 Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company$274.69$3,188.70
Issue Age Policies
 Company NameMonthly PremiumAnnual Premium
 Old Surety Life Insurance Company$97.34$1,168.11
 Transamerica Life Insurance Company$118.19$1,389.94
 Physicians Life Insurance Company$154.90$1,858.79
No Age Policies
 Company NameMonthly PremiumAnnual Premium
 UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company - AARP$160.75$1,905.00