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Fire and Rescue Training


  • Trains fire departments, rescue squads, and instructors to improve fire and rescue protection statewide.
  • Serves on national committees with the responsibility of creating training standards and curriculum with organizations including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
  • Provides technical writing for development of training programs, including certification and specialized classes.
  • Provides support during State Emergency Response Team activities.
  • Provides Instructor qualification and upgrade classes to State Certified Fire and Rescue Instructors.
  • Co-sponsors NC High Angle Rescue School with the NC Association of Rescue Squads and EMS sponsor.
  • Sponsors the NC Breathing Equipment School and Self Survival School and NC Thermal Imaging School.
  • Conducts certification courses for Hazardous Materials Technician (NFPA 472), Fire Officer III (NFPA 1021), and Fire Officer IV (NFPA 1021), Instructor III (NFPA 1041), Fire Investigator Technician (1033).
  • Assists Fire Departments and Rescue Squads with training and planning needs.
  • Assists Fire Departments and Rescue Squads with information on Fire and Rescue Equipment as well as apparatus/equipment specifications.