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Triangle Alternative Fuels First Responder Online Training Modules

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Links to the "Triangle Alternative Fuels First Responder Online Training Modules" are provided to fire safety professionals as part of the partnership between N.C. Dept. of Insurance Office of State Fire Marshal and the N.C. Solar Center.

This workshop was supported by the US Department of Energy through the Carolina Blue Skies Green Jobs Initiative ( DE-EE-0002491) with funding from the American Recovery Reinvestment Act. The instructors who prepared the materials for this workshop were trained by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) at West Virginia University, through their "Train the Trainer" program. Some content from the NAFTC program is included in the presentations and used with approval from the NAFTC.

Module 1: Gaseous Fuels

Module 2: Bio-fuels

Module 3: Electric Drive Vehicles